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  A popular drink. Because it goes so well with food. Balanced blend of sweet-tart earthiness and acidity cuts through richness and spice of many foods.  
Makes four 4.5 oz drinks

  • 4 lime rounds for garnish

  • 4 oz fresh lime juice(4 limes, with rind reserved for rimming the glass)

  • 6 oz cointreau

  • 8 oz tequila

  • Kosher salt for rimming the glass

  • Margarita Coupes or Cocktail Glasses

Pour the salt onto a small plate. Cut the reserved lime rind as necessary and rub the juicy side along the outer edge of the lip of each coupe -- not along the inside of the rim. Holding each coupe at an angle, roll the outer edge of the rim in the salt until it is fully coated. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the lime juice, tequila, and cointreau. Shake vigorously until the outside of the rim of the shaker is beaded with sweat and frosty to the touch. Strain into salted coupes, garnish with lime rounds and serve. Frothy margarita: Prepare the margarita, substituting 4 ounces Lime sour mix for the Lime juice. Frozen margarita: Prepare the margarita, placing the tequila cointreau, and lime juice in a large pitcher without ice and stirring to mix. Process in a blender in batches using one cup of crushed ice and 4.5 oz of mix per serving. Blend until smooth and pour into salted coupes. Grand margarita: Grand Marnier has a more pronounced orange flavor than cointreau. Prepare as usual, Substituting the Grand Marnier for the Cointreau. Garnish with orange zest.