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Kentucky Cappucino
  A variation of the classic Irish coffee, using bourbon instead of irish whiskey. Hits the spot after a hardy brunch, or serve it after dinner to those folks who ain't going to sleep anytime soon.  
Makes four 9.5oz drinks

  • 1cup whipped cream

  • 24oz fresh brewed coffee

  • 2oz green creme de menthe

  • 4oz white creme de menthe

  • 8oz bourbon

  • additional-4tsp brown sugar syrup or 4 tsp brown sugar

  • mint leaves

  • mugs

Stir together the coffee, bourbon, white creme de menthe, and brown sugar. divide the coffee mixture amongst the mugs. Top with whipped cream, float .5 oz green creme de menthe over the whipped cream in each mug, garnish with mint leaves, and serve.