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Blackberry Daiquiri
  This is one of Gramercy Tavern's biggest sellers. The blackberries were cleaned, placed in a covered pitcher, sprinkled with sugar and soaked with rum. Licor 43 is the perfect compliment to the mellow sweetness of the rum and tartness of the blackberries. Echte Kroatsbeere Blackberry Liquer is preferrable because it uses all natural ingredients. It is possible to substitute blackberry brandy.  
Makes two 5 oz drinks and lots of blackberries

  • .25 cup of sugar

  • 16 oz dark rum

  • 2 oz Echte Kroatsbeere Blackberry Liquer

  • 2 oz licor 43

  • 2 pints rinsed blackberries

  • 4 oz dark rum

  • cocktail glasses

  • Lime Sour Mix

The Drunken blackberries need at least one hour to soak, but one week is preferrable, at least 24 hours main, c'mon. The leftover berries can be refrigerated for over 3 months. To prepare the blackberries, place the blackberries in a canning jar or other container with a tight fitting lid. Add the sugar, seal the container, and gently rotate the container to mix the sugar and blackberries. Add the rum and the Licor 43, and rotate some more. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and rum, sour mix, and blackberry liquer. Shake until mixture is frothy. Place a few ice cubes into the cocktail glasses and add 3-4 drunken blackberries each. Pour the daiquiri over the ice and blackberries, serve.