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Black Currant Daiquiri
  The sublime syrupy sweetness of the pedro ximinez sherry and drunken currants is nicely balanced by the mouth puckering lime sour mix for a heavenly example of the classic sweet-tart combination.  
Makes six 4 oz drinks

  • 1 oz dark rum

  • 1 oz licor 43

  • 1 oz pedro ximinez sherry

  • 12 oz dark rum

  • 2 oz dried currants

  • 3 oz pedro ximinez sherry

  • 8 oz lime sour mix

  • rocks glasses

Drunken Currants(best after 48 hours): place the currants into a large canning jar with a tight fitting lid. Add the rum, licor 43, and sherry. Seal it, and gently rotate to mix. For the drink: Fill a large pitcher with ice and add the rum, sour mix, and sherry. Stir vigorously until the pitcher is beaded with sweat and the mixture is sweaty and frothy. Place a few ice cubes in the rocks glasses, add a tsp of drunken currants each. Pour the cocktail over the ice and currants. Serve immediately.