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Basil Martini
  Basil, with its peppery heat and aromatic sweetness, lends itself to many uses. The first part of this recipe is for the basil-vodka, the rest is for the martini.  
Makes twelve 3 oz drinks

  • .5oz Bloody mary mix or tomato juice

  • 1 bunch fresh basil

  • 1 dried tomato

  • 1 liter vodka

  • 2oz boiling water

  • 2oz ice-cold water

  • 3oz basil infused vodka

  • 5.5oz dry vermouth

  • cocktail glasses

  • crushed ice for serving

The basil vodka requires 3 days in the fridge. Once the basil is removed it will keep indefinitely. For the Basil-Vodka: thoroughly rinse the basil under cold water, then place it in a 2 quart canning jar or other container with a tight fitting lid. Add the boiling water, close the jar tightly, and shake shake shake your booty. Allow to steep until the basil is bright green, about 10 minutes. Open the jar and add the ice water, vodka, and vermouth. Close the lid tightly and shaky-waky. Allow to steep in the fridge for 3 days, until the liquid turns bright green. Remove and discard the basil. For the martini: Pour 0.5oz bloody mary mix or tomato juice into each cocktail glass. Fill each glass by 0.75 with crushed ice. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add 3oz of basil-vodka per serving. Shakem up in the shaker. Divide the Vodka evenly among the cocktail glasses and top each with a dried tomato. Serve that negroid on up.